неделя, 20 декември 2009 г.

Oh, nerazumniy yurode

Oh, nerazumniy yurode, O Paisii not Bulgarians, but their name is impudence!
'The only working in the public sector, which will be 13th salary, the teachers.
This was announced by Minister of Education, Youth and Science Sergei Ignatov.Toy indicated that receipt of 13th salary of teachers has been agreed a few days ago Finance Minister Simeon Diankov. To this end, letters were sent to mayors and directors of schools.
Payment of the 13th salary is within the delegated budgets of schools, said Minister Ignatov. "
Until here everything is clear but not tselokupnyat bg narod.Tova choveshtinka I call it, always looking at someone else and still dish it palna.Koga you think, folks, we'll make it clear che13 th pay-as Friday-13th. I'm at my employer uchitel.Predi me out on unpaid leave because of mandatory flu vakantsiya.E, save from the back of mi.Sega family may decide to return my money saved + tax dobavki.A with my 22 years of service and higher education de I had to pay 700 leva. Yes, but I do not have!
We save you money as a family savings and makes the save on family byudzhet.AZ am teacher and explain to the uninformed - the second year 13th salary for me is part of the twelfth, as each day for non-academic children, I am Paid leave and I am forced to run unpaid, although I have a job that I do during your vacation. This saves the delegated budget and remains on "13 salary. If someone jealous, to command. And no, there is hunger for images.

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